Elden Ring: how to defeat the graveyard shadow?

Welcome to our ‘Elden Ring: How to Beat Farum Azula’s Beastman?’ guide. Farum Azula’s Beastman is a boss that strikes in long chains and can travel fast and far. The boss is in Limgrave, more precisely in Grovesite Cave. This is an optional boss to win the game.

How to beat Farum Azula’s Beastman?

Wait for it to finish its run. The boss often uses these strikes and the sequence can reach 5-6 strikes. You can attack it during its last attack (it usually jumps in the air).
Blocking his attacks will lower your stamina. Instead, retreat when it attacks, then attack when it completes its attack chain. It’s best to approach the monster close enough to activate its strikes, then retreat.

How to beat this boss using mage build?

Starting the monster while approaching him will cause him to unleash a long sequence of attacks. After that, run or roll backwards (manage your stamina) and attack the monster.

As a mage, you don’t have to spend time approaching the boss after his combination. On the boss, Glintstone Pebble and Magic Glintblade work wonderfully.

Remember that if you get too close to the boss, he might rush at you with his weapon. The strike is direct but has a wide range. If you’re a mage, you’ll keep your distance, encouraging him to use this attack often. So when you see him rushing, avoid.

How to beat this boss using melee build?

the Beastman of Farum Azula usually attacks with two strokes of his great sword. You can parry them with the shield and perform a Critical Strike inflict massive damage. When the opponent gets angry, he lets out a roar that restores his composure. Particular care must be taken when dealing with an attack consisting of four strokes of the sword. Be careful not to attack the boss after the third jump attack or you will be hit by the fourth slash.

We recommend keeping your distance and attacking when you notice a gap in the opponent’s offense. Keep doing this until the enemy is dead. It’s the starting boss designed for heroes around level 9, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.

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